NOTE FROM MIKE: Here are some success stories my clients have sent me. Check them out for inspiration, and to see what's possible with Monster Mass workout!

I want to remind you though, that these guys are some of my best and motivated clients. You can build muscle like them if you are consistent with your workouts and diet - but you should NOT expect to get results like this if you're not motivated or intelligent enough to stick to the plan I lay out. So be inspired by these stories...but also realize that you can't get these results magically with no effort, and that you will have to stick to the Monster Mass workout plan to get results like this.

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Johnson Li, 31

What's up Mike!

Remember I said I would shock you with my before and after pictures when I got huge. Well here it is! I've put on a lot of pure muscle since starting your Monster Mass program, and I'm still growing.

When I was still skinny, my friends and family would laugh at me when every time I told them i was going to blow up and get huge. They all told me there was no way I could put on muscle weight and that I was just wasting my time. After about a year of working out and not seeing much results, I was starting to believe them. The worst thing was, I wanted to get huge so bad and it killed me inside to know that it might never happen.

I'm always searching for ways to put on muscle, until I started training with you. I still remember that first conversation we had about Monster Sets, and how I was screwing up my workouts…man, that really blew my mind. That was really the turning point for me. Ever since then I've been training with you and doing the Monster workout program you gave to me, and I steadily gained a little more muscle each month.

My boys used to laugh at me when I talked about working out, but nobody's laughing anymore. Instead, they're all asking me for workout advice! My chest and back became wide and thick. My worst body parts like my arms and legs are actually now my best. The coolest thing is that my entire body is leaner than before too.

I stayed humble and kept training and eating the way you told me. And today, I'm actually one of the biggest guys in any gym I go to. I feel like there is nothing i can't accomplish.

Mike, you really changed my life with that conversation you had with me -- and by showing me your Monster workouts afterwards. Thank you so much man!

Hey Mike,

I'm Adam, and I want to tell you that you are a workout genius bro. After finishing your program, i swear no one can even recognize me. I could see muscles on me that I never knew I had. Here's the crazy thing, I feel like i'm growing with every workout, and i'm even getting ripped!

Mike bro, now that I'm more jacked, i get so much more attention from women. Women are always trying to touch my chest and tell me how nice my arms look. I love it.

Now looking back when I first started Monster Mass, I realize now how bad my form was and what I was doing was totally weak. You guys really showed me what it meant to train intense and how to push beyond my normal limits . Also I couldn't believe how cheap and easy your mass diet was to follow compare to what i was eating before.

Now that I've put on some solid muscle size on and got rid of this thick layer of fat. My new goal is to add another inch to my arms. I'm going to follow your special advanced tips' videos and get even more jacked.

Dude you rock man!

-Adam A. 24 Orlando, FL

Adam A., 24

Orlando, FL

Justin D., 22


The amount of muscle I got with those Monster workouts you showed me was mindblowing! Everyone is always complimenting on how huge my arms, and chest look.

Man, I was sick of being the smallest guy out of all my friends. And i feel silly now looking back at what i did before to try to gain muscle. I took every kind of supplements I saw in muscle magazines and worked out like a maniac everyday. Once I started following your Monster training methods, in just a few weeks my shoulder got wider, my chest blew up and I even got leaner.

I'm so glad you showed me the Monster workout system man, you really showed me the right way to build muscle, how to eat for mass and most of all believing in myself.

You've helped me so much and really opened me up to a new way of life.

I'll keep you update with my progress, Pretty soon I'll catch up to you! haha


You know really, I wasn't thinking about much about my body when I first started this program. I was just a typical newbie trying to stay in good shape to get chicks. I really had no clue what I was doing. I was online one day and saw your Monster Mass program. You seemed like you knew what you were talking about and it all sounded pretty cool so just I bought it. Didn't really expect much, just thought I would get a decent workout.

Over the course of a couple of months, I started putting on crazy amounts of muscle and I had this freak strength that came out of nowhere. It was awesome man. I've always thought it was weird why guys would want to get so big but now I know. I immediately fell in love with this Monster Mass program and this whole workout thing.

Want to hear something crazy? People though I was a fitness model. Little did they know, just 2 months ago I didn't even know how to do a squat. haha

Your program is so simple. I just trained the way you tell me to, eat exactly what you say to eat, and I could actually see myself growing bigger everyday.

Now when I'm training, I do it for myself. I inspire me. I'm no longer working out just to look good for chicks. And the weird thing is chicks still love me. ;)

Yo Mike, you really gave me a new hobby and passion I never knew I would enjoy. You know how some program don't work… well your program works too well!

Thanks dude.

TJ, 27

Dallas, TX

Hunter T., 39

Dallas, TX

Hi Mike,

About a year ago, my friends posted some pictures of me and i couldn't believe how bad I looked. I've always been thin and had trouble gaining weight. But now, not only am I thin, I'm also fat at the same time. It was right then I knew I had to do something now!

Not knowing any better, I bought a bunch fitness stuff and even got a trainer but never saw any results! I just couldn't figure out why.

I was about to quit but I told myself, man remember that picture and how crappy you looked.

I would spend hours everyday studying about fitness programs online, and thats when I found your website for Monster Mass Training. To be honest, i was very impressed. And I was so shocked to see that you gave your clients a no question asked money back guarantee, that's what really caught my eye.

I felt like everything you said really made a lot of sense and also with the guarantee, I told myself, "why not?".

So I watched the easy to follow introduction and started the program. After doing the program for just a short period of time, My upper body felt like it doubled in size! It was unbelieveable.

Towards the end of the program, I transformed my body in something i can be proud of and show off. And mike, the amazing thing I surpassed muscle and fitness goals before I got done with the program.

My whole body is so different from before, I must of became three times stronger than when I first started working out.

Mike, i couldn't have done this without your program and your personalized email support along the way.

Anyone could get results with your program. I've even got a couple of my buddies to start doing this too.

Keep up the good work Mike! And thanks again.