Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Monster Mass

  1. What makes this program different from other muscle building programs?
  2. What are Monster Sets, and how do they help me build muscle?
  3. Is there scientific evidence that Monster Sets can help me build muscle?
  4. What equipment do I need for this program?
  5. Who should sign up for Monster Mass, and who should not sign up?
  6. How do I get the program? Is anything shipped to me?
  7. Does this program show me how to eat to build muscle?
  8. What is Afterburn Fuel, and how can it help me build muscle?
  9. How can I learn more about Monster Mass?
  10. I have a question that wasn’t covered on this page -- how can I get it answered?

What makes this program different from other muscle building programs?

The biggest difference is that Monster Mass is 100% based on a new bodybuilding technique called “Monster Sets.” Monster sets consist of doing two exercises for opposing muscle groups back to back with no rest. Monster Sets are also known by their scientific name, “agonist-antagonist supersets.”

The video below shows an example of a Monster Set:

Other than the warm-up and cool-down, EVERY set of exercises in the Monster Mass program is a Monster Set!

The reason why I designed the program like this is that I believe that Monster Sets will help you build muscle FASTER than traditional workouts -- without needing to spend any more time exercising.

Secondly, you will be doing all of the Monster Mass workouts LIVE along with me and my crew in the videos. I won’t just give you some vague workout instructions, and leave you on your own to figure out how to actually do the exercises in the gym. I will walk you through every rep of every Monster Set -- instructing, coaching, and inspiring you to push your hardest in every workout.

And finally, Monster Mass is not just a workout course. When you sign up for Monster Mass, you also receive the following bonuses included free with your purchase:

The Monster Mass Diet will teach you exactly how to eat to build muscle. I’ll also give you a 30 day supply of the pre-workout supplement I personally take, and teach you about the other supplements available. Finally, I’ll show you the principles and mindsets you need to build muscle in the 15 Universal Laws Of Muscle Building.

Want to learn more about how Monster Mass is unique, and whether it's right for you? Then check out the Monster Sets Video now! I give some free tips that you can use to start putting muscles right there, and you'll also learn exactly how it's used in Monster Mass to get huge and muscular.

What are Monster Sets, and how do they help me build muscle?

When you're doing Monster Sets, you will be doing back to back sets of exercises using opposing muscle groups. See the video above for an example of what a Monster Set looks like.

The goal of Monster Sets is to help increase the blood flow to your muscles (usually called “the muscle pump.”) Anyone who has lifted weights before is familiar with this feeling of being “pumped,” which is caused by the muscle group which you exercised being filled with blood.

The scientific name for the “pump” is hyperemia. Numerous studies have indicated that increasing muscular hyperemia can help you to build muscle.

When you are using Monster Sets, you’ll be working two opposing muscle groups back to back without any rest. Studies suggest this causes increased hyperemia in both muscle groups as a result.

In layman’s terms -- Monster Sets are designed to help you get a greater muscular “pump” from your workouts. That’s because studies suggest that a greater muscular pump from your workouts may help you to build muscle faster.

To learn more about Monster Sets and to see me demonstrate a full intensity Monster Set live, watch the Monster Sets video now.

Is there scientific evidence that Monster Sets can help me build muscle?

Yes, and here is what others are saying about Monster Sets and the muscular “pump” that they create:

From: About.com

  1. [Monster Sets] can save time if you decide to superset opposing muscle groups such as the chest and the back.
  2. They can help you gain strength if you decide to alternate between sets of one muscle group (such as the chest) and sets of the opposing muscle group (such as the back) while you rest in between.
  3. For instance, if you perform an incline bench press followed by 90 seconds of rest, and then perform a wide grip pull-up, followed by 90 seconds of rest, you will be resting a total of three minutes plus the time it took to perform the pull-ups before you go back to the incline bench again. You will also notice that your strength for each exercise sometimes increases as the nervous system seems to have an easier time recovering between sets when this technique is used.

From: Jim Stoppani, PhD - flexonline.com

STRONG ADVANTAGES Newton'’s third law of motion states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Very similarly in the body, every motion has an opposite. For example, flexing the arm (primarily performed by the biceps) is the opposite motion of extending the arm (primarily performed by the triceps). In the case of flexing the arm at the elbow joint, as in a biceps curl, the biceps is considered the agonist muscle as— it'’s the one doing the work. The triceps is considered the antagonist muscle to the biceps because the triceps actually resists the flexing of the arm and works to perform the exact opposite motion (extension of the arm at the elbow joint, as in a cable pushdown).

Almost every muscle in the body has an antagonist muscle or muscles associated with it, and almost every movement the human body can do has an opposite movement associated with it.

Many bodybuilders, including Arnold Schwarzenegger back in his bodybuilding heyday, believe that training agonist and antagonist muscles together [what I call ‘Monster Sets’] is a smart way to increase strength and size. The major benefits of training agonist and antagonist muscle groups back to back are added strength and power for the second exercise. As we've mentioned, research shows that when an agonist exercise follows an antagonist exercise, muscle strength and power are greater than if that second exercise is performed after just resting.

From: Bodybuilding.com

To achieve maximum muscular growth a pump (scientific name, hyperemia) is essential, and the only way this can be achieved is to train correctly with the right energy intake, to allow sufficient blood flow to the working muscles. Working muscles need blood to supply them with oxygen and nutrients, and remove waste products (namely, lactic acid and carbon dioxide).

From: Livestrong.com

Another term for active hyperemia is muscle pump in bodybuilding language. Bodybuilders strive for pump to achieve ultimate muscle growth. During pump, a muscle gets up to four times the amount of blood it would ordinarily. The right training and nutrition encourages active hyperemia and increased blood flow to working muscles during workouts. This ultimately creates more muscle mass. As muscles develop during strength training, repeated exercise hyperemia also increases more tiny blood vessels, or capillaries, in the area that furnish muscles with even more oxygen and nutrients during workouts. This further enhances active hyperemia and muscle growth.

If you want to learn more about how to get the pump with Monster Sets and how it can help you gain muscle, be sure to watch the Monster Sets video.

What equipment do I need for this program?

The minimum equipment you need to do Monster Mass is:

  1. A set of dumbbells
  2. A set of resistance bands
  3. An exercise ball

You can perform every exercise in the entire program with this equipment. However, there are also optional advanced variations of exercises that will make the Monster Mass program more intense.

To perform all optional advanced variations you will need this equipment in addition to what I mentioned above:

  1. Adjustable bench
  2. Pull-up bar
  3. Curling bar
  4. Weight plates

You can see a complete list of equipment you need for the program (along with pictures, descriptions, and links to purchase each item from Amazon.com) can be found here:

Equipment Needed For Monster Mass

Who should sign up for Monster Mass, and who should not sign up?

Monster Mass is an extreme muscle building program, and it is intended only for “skinny” or “average” men who want to build muscle. If you consider yourself "obese," or "overweight" right now, then your main goal should be losing fat and Monster Mass isn't for you.

Also, the Monster Mass workouts are INTENSE. Because they consist of 100% Monster Sets, every set will be two challenging bodybuilding exercises done back to back with no rest. If you’re a motivated guy who’s willing to push yourself, Monster Mass will be great for you. But if you have physical or psychological problems that make intense workouts dangerous for you, you should not sign up for Monster Mass.

Bottom line -- if you’re a guy who wants to build muscle and you’re motivated to push yourself through short, intense workouts Monster Mass was designed specifically for you.

How do I get the program? Is anything shipped to me?

You’ll get your Monster Mass training videos shipped to you on DVD, AND you’ll also get instant online access to stream or download your videos.

As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive a username and password to log into my Monster Mass clients’ site. Within minutes of signing up, you’ll be logged in there where you can watch all your Monster Mass videos.

You can stream the videos from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, and you can also download high quality versions of the videos to your computer. Once you’ve downloaded them, you’re free to put them on your mobile phone, tablet, or any other device you like.

And within a few days, you’ll also receive the complete Monster Mass program shipped to you on DVD. That means that you’ll be able to watch all your workout videos in stunning high definition on your TV in addition to having online access.

Does this program show me how to eat to build muscle?

Yes! When you sign up for Monster Mass, you’ll also get the Monster Mass Diet training video included for free with your purchase. The Monster Mass Diet is a simple eating system that teaches you exactly how to eat to gain muscle.

The Monster Mass Diet Plan includes:

  1. The most common diet mistakes guys make when trying to gain muscle that you must avoid.
  2. 5 simple muscle gaining diet rules to follow when you are trying to bulk up.
  3. How to prepare healthy mass gaining meals
  4. Specific examples of the best mass gaining protein sources, carbohydrate sources, vegetables, and snacks.
  5. An example meal plan that you can follow exactly, or use as a rough guide for your own meal plan.

My goal with the Monster Mass Diet is to help you gain muscle faster by optimizing your diet for muscle building.

To learn more about the Monster Mass Diet, watch the Monster Sets Video.

What is Afterburn Fuel, and how can it help me build muscle?

Afterburn Fuel is my custom formulated pre-workout supplement I take before doing EVERY Monster Mass workout. I designed it based on years of research and training, and I prefer it over every other pre-workout supplement out there. It’s not publicly for sale anywhere, but all Monster Mass clients get a free 30 day supply of Afterburn Fuel included with their order. Afterburn Fuel is designed to give you more energy, so you can push harder through intense Monster Mass workouts. It’s also designed to help create greater muscular pumps. And some scientific evidence suggests (but does not conclusively prove) that workout that create greater muscular pumps may be associated with faster muscle growth. To learn more about Afterburn Fuel and how it complements Monster Mass, watch the Monster Sets video.

How can I learn more about Monster Mass?

The best way to learn more about the program is to watch my Monster Sets video. You'll learn more about how you'll be building muscle with Monster Mass - and you'll get some killer free tips you can use to improve your mass gaining workouts, even if you decide not to sign up for the program.

I have a question that wasn’t covered on this page -- how can I get it answered?

For the fastest response, give me a call! You can contact the Mike Chang Fitness team at 1-800-655-8576, or at 1-512-201-4615 if you’re outside the United States. Your call will be answered by one of my senior trainers, who can answer any questions that you have about the program.

Our phones are answered live from 11 AM - 8 PM United States Central time, Monday through Friday. You can also leave us a message outside those hours, and we'll get back to you ASAP.

You can also use the form below to send me an email: